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Hi, I'm Mantist Oryem and I'd be grateful to be performing at your event.

Thank you for considering me to perform at your event. 
Performing on stage and inspiring audiences is something close to my heart.
If you think I may be a great match for your event, then I’m happy to hear from you.

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Snap Shot Of My Previous Performances

I have performed in some of the most celebrated festivals in Brisbane such as Brisbane Festival, Zillmere Multicultural festival and I have headlined in World Refugee day with an audience of more than 13 000.

I have been performing Consistently for 10 years now in all sort of venues and occasions. I have enough materials to put a show that could go as long as 3 hours.

Whether you want me to perform strictly spoken word or a mix of spoken word and hip-hop, I have materials suited for both.

P.S – With my unique story (Read Full Bio Here), I have been invited few time in schools not only to perform my music and poetry pieces but also share my story with the audience. The response has always been very heart feeling.

I am very much happy to come down and share my story and journey with your audience.


Watch Me In Action - Here Are Few Footages Of My Previous Events

In Case You Need Access To My Full Press-Kits

I have put together a full comprehensive press-kits for you to access if need be. It should give you everything you need.  High Quality Images, Downloadable PDF of my short, medium and long bio, Press releases, Crowd reviews etc.

My aim is always to inspire, encourage, inform and to bring a fun and memorable experience to each audience.

I achieve that by:

  1. Performing my original spoken word poetry pieces.

  2. Performing my mix of hip hop and African dance.

  3. Sharing my story and journey.


I appreciate you for being here and love to see you soon. One love – Mantist Oryem


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